Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Banta Singh's Java Interview

Q. What is the difference between an Abstract class and Interface?
A. Terms are different ... Nothing more

Q. What is JFC ?
A. Jilebi, Fanta & Coffee

Q. Explain 2 tier and 3 -tier Architecture ?
A. Two wheelers like scooters will have 2 tyres and autorickshaws will
have 3 tyres.

Q. I want to store more than 10 objects in a remote server ? Which
methodology will follow ?
A. Send it through courier.

Q. Can I modify an object in CORBA ?
A. As you wish , I do not have any objections.

Q. How to communicate 2 threads each other ?
A. Non living things can't communicate.

Q. What is meant by flickering ?
A. Closing and opening of eyes at girls.

Q. Explain RMI Architecture?
A. I am a computer professional not an architect student.

Q. What is the use of Servlets ?
A. In hotels, they can replace servers.

Q. What is the dif ference between Process and Threads ?
A. Threads are small ropes. Make a rope from threads is an example for process.

Q. When is update method called ?
A. Who is update method?

Q. What is JAR file ?
A. File that can be kept inside a jar.

Q. What is JINI ?
A. A ghost which was Aladdin's friend.

Q. How will you call an Applet from a Java Script?
A. I will give invitation.

Q. How you can know about drivers and database information ?
A. I will go and enquire in the bus dep to.

Q. What is serialization ?
A. Arranging one after the other from left to right.

Q. What is bean ? Where it can be used ?
A. A kind of vegetable. In kitchens for cooking they can be used.

Q. Write down how will you create a binary Tree ?
A. When we sow a binary seed , a binary tree will grow.

Q. What is the exact diffe rence between Unicast and Multicast object ?
A. If in a society, if there is only one caste, then it is Unicast,
else it is multicast

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Munnabhai MBBS Medical Dictionary

1) Antibody - Against everyone

2) Artery - The study of fine paintings

3) Bacteria - Back door to a cafeteria

4) Bowel - Letters like a,e,I,o,u

5) Caesarian Section - A district in Rome

6) Cardiology - Advanced study of Poker playing

7) Cat Scan -
Searching for lost kitty

8) Coma - Punctuation mark Yaar, Simple!

9) Cyst - A short for sister

10) Diagnosis - Person with slanted nose

11) Dilate - The late British Princess Diana

12) Enema - Not a friend

13) False Labor - Pretending to work

14) Genes - Blue denim

15) Hernia - She is close by

16) Hymen - Greeting to several males

17) Impotent - distinguished / well-known

18) Labor Pain - Hurt at work

19) Menopause - Men no wait

20) Microbes - Small dressing gowns

21) Obesity - City of Obe

22) Pacemaker - Winner of Nobel Peace Prize

23) Protein - in favor of teens

24) Pulse - Grain

25) Pus - Small cat

26) Red Blood Count - Dracula

27) Secretion - Hiding anything

28) Tablet - Small table

29) Urine - Opposite of you are out

30) Varicose - Very